For a list of the current projects please contact the Franklin County Saddle Club at or attend one of the monthly meetings.
As we continue to upgrade our facility we will need our members to volunteer their time and resources to help keep our costs to a minimum.
For our member who have opted to pay the reduced membership in return for their time , here is a list of service opportunities:
  • Set-up and take down for the Tack Swap
  • Work parties (spring and fall)
  • Misc. remodeling projects
  • Grounds/building maintenance and repair
  • Volunteer for one of the many duties at one of the horse shows.
  • Fund raising
  • Finding arena sponsors
For a complete list of current activities please contact the FCSC, attend a monthly meeting and follow us on Facebook.
Volunteer Hours
If you have paid the regular membership for the year your volunteer hours are due by November 1 each year. If you have not obtained the designated number of hours you will be billed for the hours not worked based on the rate established by the Franklin County Saddle Club board.
For those that are not able to contribute to the club there is propitiating membership at a slightly higher rate.
  • Each project brings with it a list of necessary supplies. If you have supplies laying around or are willing to donate supplies that are needed for current projects please contact us at Only those supplies that can be used will be accepted.
  • Please donate your time, the support of the membership is what will keep the club operational for the future.
  • And lastly, monetary donations are always accepted.